Fossacesia Italy video at youtube Originating in ancient lands of Fossacesia, the Ursini family, has harvested and tended olive groves encasing the hills around the national landmark, Abbazia of San Giovanni in Venere. Growing from these lands is the oldest olive tree in the Abruzzo region dating to at least 2,000 years ago. Respecting the heritage and the land are hallmarks of the care the Ursini family has for the noble fruit, the olive.

Cutting Edge Technology

Technological advancements are utilized during the pressing of the olives allowing the highest organoleptic properties from the olives to be obtained. Utilizing this process of removal of oxygen results in a superior, delicate and fragrant taste to the yield.

Extra Virgin

Dedicating himself to the harvest, cultivation and production of the olives indigenous to the area, Giuseppe ‘Peppe’ Ursini, created a mono-varietal line of extra virgin olive oil, titled “Solo.” Creatively extracting taste from these olives, Ursini meticulously and with expert care creates an outstanding and premium extra virgin olive oil.

Pressing olives with citrus fruit results in a crisp, unique flavor that is the inspiration for a range of flavored extra virgin olive oil. Combining these flavors is epic in its flavor palate and will inspire home cooks to try new recipes!

Fossacesia Landscape

Olives in a hand

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Preserves Memory and Protects the Brain Against Alzheimer’s Disease

The Mediterranean diet, rich in plant-based foods, is associated with a variety of health benefits, including a lower incidence of dementia. Now, researchers at the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University (LKSOM) have identified a specific ingredient that protects against cognitive decline: extra-virgin olive oil, a major component of the Mediterranean Diet.

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Health Effects of Phenolic Compounds Found in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The 2019 Harvest Polyphenol Rating for Ursini’s Olive Oil: 810mg/kg

(Low-phenol: 2.7 mg/kg • Medium-phenol: 164 mg/kg • High-phenol: 666 mg/kg)

During the study, the three week prescription was for 5 teaspoons, or a bit less than 2 tablespoons.

Notes from the conclusion: “EVOO is a functional food with legal health claims, certified as cardioprotective… Therefore, among all dietary plans, a Mediterranean Diet based on the daily consumption of EVOO as a source of fat, is an ideal dietary model for its beneficial cardioprotective effects, longevity, and prevention of NCDs (chronic non-communicable disease)… The olive tree is an unmatched sustained resource for unique bioactive compounds with diverse health benefits.”

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Four Labels Offered

The Ursini family specializes in the finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Our olives are grown in Abruzzo – on uncontaminated pristine lands – where this region has made environmental protection its mission. The unique “micro-climate" in this area carries and holds the fragrances and flavors of the Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas, preserved by the timeless wisdom of centuries-old Italian tradition.

Extra Virgin Olive Oils



Olive Varieties: Gentile Di Chieti, Dritta, Toccolana, Tenera Ascolana.

Flavor Profile: Bold

Impressions : You will want to carry a bottle of this oil with you when dining out – it’s that good. (Opera Mastra literally means “masterpiece.”) You will smell the sweet green grass, hay, basil and culinary herbs with a bold peppery finish. Careful monitoring of the olives maturation lifecycle allows us to choose the best harvesting and pressing time for this bold blend to come alive. Drizzle it on prosciutto and melon, fresh mozzarella and bruschetta; hearty minestrone soups; or grilled and roasted vegetables. For the ultimate compliment: use it in homemade tomato sauce; it will be your secret!



Olive Varieties: Gentile Di Chieti.

Flavor Profile: Mild/Medium

Impressions: This oil straddles the line between savory and sweet. It is well balanced with subtle notes of wild grass and herbs, finishing with a mild, fresh almond-citrus ending. Hay grass is traditionally planted between olive trees (the hay feeds the donkeys that carry this precious fruit back to our mill) in Abruzzo and this sensation is gently pronounced on one’s palate.

Our family recommends pairing this with your own hand made pasta. Another excellent compliment is on roasted game or poultry. Braised or grilled meat will be accentuated by Solo. The final “coup de gras” is to drizzle it on aged cheeses.

Olio Agrumati

Oils Crushed with Olives

Olio al Limone

Lemons blended with Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Our Agrumolio is very simply a pressing of local fresh lemons and olives together. As the olives begin to be crushed we add fresh lemons, which allows for the lemon’s citrus notes to be released into the final olive oil. This process is laborious and costly, yielding an exceptional but lower quantity of finished product.
"We would never do it any other way!" Peppe Ursini

This particular blend will compliment almost any spring or summer dish, from fish to salad. Our favorite: we use it when baking cakes or cookies in place of butter to add a zesty note. Your guests will be begging to know “What is in this cake?”

Olio al Arancia

Orange Blended with Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Our Agrumolio is very simply a pressing of local fresh oranges and olives together. As the olives begin to get crushed, we add fresh oranges, which allows for the orange’s citrus notes to be expressed in the olive oil. This process is laborious and costly, yielding an exceptional but lower quantity of finished product.
“We would never do it any other way!” Peppe Ursini.

Compliment your autumn game dishes or grilled fish by drizzling this well mixed blend prior to cooking. Adding it to a field greens salad would be a perfect way to keep your guests guessing.